Over The Air

Fencomp has a strong cumulative
experience in MIMO OTA design

Welcome to Fencomp

Your Trusted Partner in the
Wireless World

We have extensive experience in the installation of hundreds of 4G and 5G OTA test systems, both as a partner and as a component supplier. Our strategic focus is on providing products tailored to meet the latest 3GPP 5G standard test requirements or custom OTA testing specifications, catering to your specific needs.

Additionally, we collaborate with carefully selected partners to deliver comprehensive solutions. At our core, we understand the importance of size in testing facilities. Recognizing that space constraints are prevalent in modern testing environments, we have meticulously designed our products to align with this reality, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into your setup while delivering optimal performance.

The 4 key features of Fencomp OTA Chambers

Welcome to Fencomp

Your Trusted Partner in the
Wireless World

Small in size

Our products fit into elevators, through office doors and modules can be
moved around with ease.


We build it, we test it, we take it apart, and ship it Worldwide in modules
that are easy to assemble onsite with fast bring up.

Reliable and foolproof

And it – of course – does OTA testing according to your individual
specifications, whatever they may be.

Building Blocks

Our Systems are based on customizable building blocks and therefore
antenna configurations, positioner systems, enclosure dimensions, RF
and HW cables as well as interfaces can also be easily modified to your

We are compact and agile 
– just like our products