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Efficiently navigating the journey from initial sketches to final product realization requires meticulous planning and strategic coordination. At Fencomp, we specialize in comprehensive design project management services that encompass every stage of development, from concept to manufacturing.

What We Offer

3D CAD Design for Chambers and Related Components

Our team utilizes advanced 3D CAD software to create precise designs tailored to your specific requirements.

Mechanical and RF Simulations: We conduct thorough mechanical and RF simulations to ensure optimal performance and functionality of your designs.

Reviews, Quality Control, and Approvals

Adhering to ISO9001 standards, we prioritize rigorous reviews, quality control processes, and obtaining necessary approvals to guarantee the highest standards of excellence.

Component Sourcing

We facilitate the procurement of components, leveraging our extensive network of trusted suppliers to secure high-quality materials.

Verification Tests and Measurements up to 70GHz

Employing state-of-the-art equipment, we conduct comprehensive verification tests and measurements, ensuring the reliability and precision of your products even in high-frequency applications.


From prototyping to full-scale production, we offer manufacturing services to bring your designs to life with precision and efficiency.

Additionally, We Specialize In

Customized Chamber and Positioner Hardware and Software Design: Tailoring chamber and positioner solutions to meet your unique specifications, both in hardware and software aspects.

Custom RF and Baseband Connections and Interfaces

Crafting bespoke RF and baseband connections, as well as interfaces for RF and DUT (Device Under Test) setups, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Probe and Reference Antenna Design

Developing customized probe and reference antenna solutions to meet the demands of your specific applications.

Prototype and Volume Manufacturing

Whether you need a single prototype or mass production, we have the capabilities to fulfill your manufacturing needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

Custom Cable Assemblies

Designing and producing custom cable assemblies tailored to your exact requirements, guaranteeing reliability and performance.

We are compact and agile 
– just like our products